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Are you experiencing the challenging symptoms of menopause? Are you interested in a natural approach to menopause as either an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or as an accompaniment to it?

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Menopause is a unique and transformative phase of a woman's life. It can bring physical and mental turmoil, emotional ups and downs, and make you question how you want to navigate this new chapter of your life. To help you discover optimal health in menopause, we invite you to take our FREE Menopause Quiz.

In less than 5 minutes, this simple quiz will provide valuable insights into four key dimensions of your menopause wellbeing:

🍃 Physical Wellbeing

Discover how your body is responding to the changes brought on by menopause. Learn more about your symptoms and how to address them naturally.

🍃 Mental Wellbeing

Gain insights into the mental aspects of your menopause journey, from mood swings to cognitive changes. Learn simple and powerful steps to maintain mental clarity and emotional balance.

🍃 Emotional Wellbeing

Explore the emotional terrain of menopause, including stress, anxiety, and mood fluctuations. Find tried-and-tested tips to nurture your emotional health and resilience. 

🍃 Your Vision for Menopause

Share your aspirations and goals for this phase of life and beyond. We'll provide guidance on aligning your vision with practical steps to make it a reality.

Yourself Yoga's FREE Menopause Quiz shows 3 dials that represents possible wellbeing scores in menopause

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✅  It's FREE, and takes less than 5 minutes

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✅  Explore alternatives to HRT that may suit your personal needs

✅  Empower yourself with knowledge to make more informed decisions

✅  Start your journey to a healthier and happier menopause today

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Plenty of advice and ideas

“The Menopause Quiz is very informative, and the answers section gave me plenty of advice and ideas where I could easily look for help without getting overwhelmed.”

~ Sue L

Clear and concise

“The layout of the quiz is clear and concise and 3 options for answers makes it easier. I liked the way that it gave an array of options to improve my score further.”

~ Sarah K

Breaks menopause down

“The quiz is great because it pins down the small effects that normally build into one big feeling of despair. By breaking menopause down into tiny pieces, it’s easier to tackle.”

~ Louise C

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